March 14, 2014

Application List


Thanks for dropping by, I've tried to list few applications which I was able to publish them on behalf of owners and employers.

Role: Developed By Me

  1. تقويم العجيري
    1. More than 400,000 downloads and 20-25K daily active users
    2. Its huge milestone for me and my company
  2. Kilshay
    1. Steadily growing active users the in the Kuwait market
  3. Kuwait Guide - دليل الكويت | Urban Moon
    1. More than 230,000 downloads and 5-6k daily active users
    2. Best Kuwait guide for Kuwait.
  4. PaperDolly
  5. Eurocentres Academic IELTS Preparation
  6. Taiba Hospital
  7. ورد بن جراح
  8. الختمة المشتركة
  9. حوارات التغيير
  10. عبدالله الأحمد
    1. Created more replica apps for honorable committee members of Kuwait during election times.
  11. Boubyan Bank - Questionnaire app
    1. For internal employees only
  12. D'urtle: Your Pet Astrologer
  13. Elvira's Movie Macabre
    1. Partial development 
Role: Project Coordinator
  1. جدول أبو طبيله
    1. Top app for a week at App store
  2. حقيقة شهادة أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمداً رسول الله
    1. Available in iPhone and iPad
  3. Namlah
    1. Available in Android
  4. Thing A Ling
    1. Under development
  5. That Al Salasil
    1. Under development
  6. Taiba Hospital
    1. Android under development

Projects Under Development and coordination:

  1. Alban dairy
  2. That Al Salasil -  Book store
  3. Thing A Ling  - Buy/Sell products
  4. Routine application updates and enhancements

December 19, 2011

List of the applications

Hey there,
Below there are some reference names, which shows the application information which have been developed successfully till date & remaining are in under construction.
They are,
 iPhone Applications at App store
1.       Kuwait Elections 2012 Candidate Applications
a.       عبدالله الأحمد   (Abdullah AlAhmad)
b.      د. ثقل العجمي  (Dr. Thaqal AlAjmi)
c.       العنجري 2012  (Anjari 2012)

2.       تقويم العجيري  (Al Aujairy)
a.       Top Free in Kuwait App Store for week; approximate downloads counts 80000 & still counting! (Now its paid)
3.       Baking Tray
4.       PaperDolly
5.       Poker Chips (Logic development)
6.       Facts about Sikhism
7.       Eurocentres Academic IELTS Preparation
8.       D'urtle Your Pet Astrologer
9.       Mobile Maui
10.    The Wedding Elite Magazine (Partial Development)
11.    Elvira (Trivia )
12.    Football Review App

 iPhone Applications under construction
    1.    Baking Tray (Phase II)
    2.    'BAILA' Probably The Best Party Game Ever (Alpha Release)
    3.    Aero Divert (Alpha Release)
    4.    Air Hockey

Java Based Applications
    1.    Rss Feeder  (Available at OVI store)
    2.    Brick Breaker
    3.    Triple Match
    4.    BMI Calculator
    5.    Tetris_dou
    6.    Hunters
    7.    Jigsaw!


October 26, 2010

Cocos2d myWay

Hey there,
   Finally I got a chance to develop the games for iOS devices. As a starter currently I'm developing the Air hockey game for the iOS. For this development I will use the cocos2D framework as a base & it is more friendly as compare to the Open GL. Wish me a luck to develop the same & upload it at apple app store.

Yours Pal,

August 8, 2010

Hurray! I secured 1st Rank in College

Hey folk,

Guess what finally I cleared the Mater's of Computer Application program. From now onwards no assignments, no submissions, no headache of exams or viva's. But you know what now, I really miss my class, faculty warnings about exams, stupid mischief’s during the class lectures, especially after lunch small nap during lectures. Well it was really fun, anyways life goes on.... right?

As I already noted down in my previous post about my job @ Pollux Softech. Well you know what currently am working as a team leader in mobile application development department. For me it’s a great achievement & I won’t let my company down.....

Last but not least I would really like to thank to Allah who has guided me to achieve this important milestone of my life. Thank you....

How could I forgot my college faculties, who had always guided me, warn me, shown my cons...

Thank you,


April 15, 2010

About my family background

Hi folks,
In this post I would like to share my family background. By the God grace I have a loving family. I have an elder brother ‘Muzakkir’ & sister ‘Zubeda’ and both are married too. My dad runs a family business of electronics known as Ruby Traders; it is situated at Relief Road, Ahmedabad. My elder brother helps my dad in their business. My mom or I can say home minister is an adorable housewife & proactive mother.
Thanks & Regards,

March 31, 2010

iPhone Apps Developer

Hey Guess what!
Currently I am working as iPhone Apps developer at Pollux Softect Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
Its an interesting job where i can render animations, creativeness , its totally fun while developing them.
Its really great feeling while using your own developed or created app, its like an achievement.
Well that's true that I can't or never forget my Guru's who had guided me and they are still guiding me, humble thanks to them.

Yours pal,

February 13, 2010


Hi buddy,
Myself Zahur well i am a normal guy,living student life, having fun with friends and does all those stupid mistakes which students like to do..........
As you can see the title 'take A chance' it simply resembles that it's my first blog of my life and i like to take a chance in life.
As far as my career is concern well i am pursuing the Master in Computer Application (MCA) program, the previous line quotes me that i may be a technical guy but that's not true, well that's true that my logic runs while developing the mobile games.
Currently i had developed 'Triple-Match', 'Brick-Breaker' games & BMI Calculator as part of my industrial training of MCA. They are java based game thus it will support generally all the java supported mobiles phones.

I would like to here feedback from you
yours buddy,